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“Our venture began when we first spoke of establishing a small bureau in Madrid.”

“Madrid, why?’

“It’s not a city for creatives!”

We disagreed.

We sought to discover Madrid’s creative heart by finding curious people, in both senses of the word,
who would help us understand the city’s true identity through their own experiences.

As our cities and communities blend into beautiful, polished, heavily
publicised mirror images of one another, ROAM seeks originality via
places, cultures and the craftspeople who continue to shape them.



ROAM is a self-initiated venture by the team at Bert.
The project began over a year ago, shortly after we established our office in Madrid.

It was born out of a love for the city and to help satisfy our own insatiable appetite for travel, culture, arts, and creativity. We hope that others will also enjoy reading, listening and watching the articles we have carefully curated and created.

Our thanks go to the team below who have made this project possible:
David Bouttier, Creative Director / Art Director
Anthony Perez, Editor / Interviewer / Filmographer / Photographer
Camila Escat, Writer / Interviewer / Designer
James Bornshin, Designer
Peter McCollough, Designer
Ben Derico, Filmographer
Chris Garratt, CEO
Daniel Lax, Project Manager
Beth Leonard, Project Manager
Siobhan Fitzgerald, Interviewer / Writer



ROAM has only been possible thanks to the generosity and faith of the incredible creatives in Madrid who have given us access to their offices, studios and in some cases homes.

With over thirty artisans involved in the project it is impossible to name all of them here, but our sincere thanks and gratitude go to all of you we’ve interviewed and shared long days (and longer nights!) with over the last twelve months.

We hope our interviews, photography and film do all of you justice, and help new audiences discover your incredible talents and enjoy your work as much as we have.


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